MAC Students Obtaining Advanced Education

In 2015 students at The MAC were told that financial issues would no longer prevent them from furthering their education.  This was the incentive many needed — and desperately wanted.  Just take a look at the attached June 2018 report from Coaches John and Linda Darling describing the differences made in these students’ lives!

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   2018 Spring Team Visiting                     Lunch With MAC College Students

           MAC Students




Various Happenings At The MAC

Water, Water Everywhere!!!!

For 10 years The MAC didn’t know when water would be available. The government turns it on only periodically.  Often The MAC had to pay for water to be trucked in — at a hefty cost!

Using the expertise of on-site Volunteer Coach John Darling — retired Civil Engineer — The MAC now has a well (known as a “bore hole” in South Africa) and a water purification system for both well and utility fed pipes.  

And with sufficient water The MAC now has eight Flush Toilets!

Career Week

During Career Week representatives from various professions and trades came and talked to the students.  Lots Of Exposure  —  Lots Of Experiences  —  Lots Of Fun